Developing Leaders Through the Lessons Life Gives Us

Who I am


I am a student who sees life as the greatest classroom imaginable. We need only to look for the lessons  it brings. Learning is its own reward but it serves no purpose without the ability to share  what we learn.


Studying leadership in all of its facets is fascinating to me. Sharing the lessons I learn with others is my passion.  My success is not defined by title or income but by the lives I can influence along the way.


I worked in the cattle industry until I turned 25, then joined the Army in 1991. In 1999 I left to build homes in Houston and eventually started my own business until 2003 when called back to active duty. I will retire in late summer 2014 with over 23 years of service and I would not trade one of them for anything. It has been a leadership laboratory, has provided amazing experiences, and it has been a privilege to serve. Hefner_CV v3  If you’re interested in where I’ve been assigned in the Army, see Resume of Service Career HEFNER


As I  write this the batteries in my crystal ball need replacing, but what it’s telling me now is that the greater Houston Area is my home and will remain so. Someone can benefit from my perspective, my skills as an educator, and my leadership talent. My next source of income will provide the opportunity to make a difference in the people, processes and businesses around me.

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