Developing Leaders Through the Lessons Life Gives Us

Professional Experience

United States Army                                                                                                            2003- 2014                                       75th Training Command                                                                                        2008–Present                                    

Chief, Commander’s Initiative Group,  homeland defense training process, long range planning public affairs management to include social media

  • Led a coalition of stakeholders to develop procedures for full integration of military resources in homeland defense training events, greatly enhancing disaster preparedness.
  • Led a project team that developed a cloud based training capability that increased training value while decreasing cost; Department of the Army provides the project with an annual budget in excess of  1.5 million dollars.
  • Recognized for outstanding performance on multiple occasions, to include winning a Department of Defense level journalism competition.
  • Developed a relationship with San Jacinto College that has led to over 200 students trained in several different professional certifications, enhancing the employability and efficiency of the people in this command.
  • Led Lean Six Sigma and Knowledge Management implementation project teams.
  • Revamped organizational social media presence which led to over 30% increase in viewership and improved communication between command and its members.

Deputy G3 (Operations), budget management, personnel management, strategic planning, individual and group training, communications processes                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Implemented process based mechanisms to manager training of over 3,000 Soldiers annually, allowing accurate forecasting and greatly reducing event coordination requirements.
  • Led the team responsible for coordinating, resourcing and executing  over 150 annual training events that directly enhanced the performance and confidence of  over 10,000 Soldiers as they deployed to combat zones.
  • Developed formalized education process, the Mission Command Academy, that trains over 100 Soldiers per month in the processes, standards and culture of this command, improving teamwork and standardization at subordinate commands from California to New Jersey.
  • Wrote handbook for team members assigned to the command and facilitated related learning objectives, to include email etiquette, process development and professionalism.

84th Training Command                                                                                        2003 – 2008                                             

Training Manager, metric and data management, training oversight

  • Implemented online systems to track over 50 key data points to include trends over time that provided actionable information to leadership teams and reduced task completion time by 40%.

Executive Officer, Information Operations Academy, course development, instructor recruiting certification, course execution, course validation, training oversight

  • Led the development of an Information Operations course that, within two years, had 57 certified instructors and over 300 graduates where were prepared to function in an information centric  battlefield.

Advisor, Iraqi Armor Division, 2004-2005, develop armor capability of Iraqi Army, mentor Iraqi leadership, train combat operations and coach decision making processes

  • Responsible for training of Iraqi Armor forces as their capability grew from 12 vehicles to over 200 vehicles in ten months.
  • Led 148 combat missions in eleven months.
  • Worked in creation of the Phoenix Academy, a five day integration course for Soldiers working with the Iraqi Army which included Iraqi instructors and served students from several countries.
  • I brought all my team home.     

Entrepreneur, Houston, TX                                                                                  1999-2003

After two years as construction manager, started own company as sub contractor.

  • Project Manager for new home construction in Houston area, responsible for all phases of construction project management.
  • While self employed, served as liaison between trades and construction managers with over $80,000/month in total revenue; responsible for all facets of owning/operating a small business.

US Army, Various Locations                                                                                 1991-1999

Moved through the ranks from specialist (E4) to Captain (03) in a variety of operations and training positions.

  • Received multiple awards for performance in positions ranging from logistics manager in Bosnia (1998) to Training Officer at Ft Hood (1996-1998).

Cattle Industry, Various Locations                                                                     1988-1991

  • A broad background in the cattle industry including time in Mexico implementing innovative grazing techniques, in Kansas as a ranch manager and as feedlot medicine manager in the Texas panhandle.
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