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I can’t imagine

Posted by on Oct 22, 2017 in Stray Voltage | 0 comments

“I can’t imagine living on a boat.”  That comment is from a friend of mine at work last week. I got to thinking about it, wondering what it might be that makes living aboard seem so untenable. It’s a tough question, so I fixed a nice gin and tonic and sat on the back deck, watching the sun paint the water with a thousand different shades of yellow and red. I remembered getting ready for my first hurricane onboard – everybody knows I’m a newbie, and it seemed like everybody came by to check on us. As the light faded, the call of herons and seagulls and the occasional splash of a mullet splashing in his escape attempts interrupted my contemplation. As the gentle movement of a moored boat rocked me to sleep I still hadn’t found the answer. When I left the boat the next morning, about thirty minutes before full sunup, I was still thinking about it. A thick fog had settled on the water, lights of neighboring boats haloed, seemingly in the distance. The normal sounds, water lapping against the pier, the never-ending birds, all sounded muted somehow. Within thirty feet my boat had disappeared behind me. The heron didn’t know I was coming and cawed their anger at my interrupting their sleep, the sound coming from everywhere and nowhere. That weekend, as we moved through the water at a comfortable 7 or 8 knots, I could hear the conversation of my friends behind me and realized that I can’t imagine not living on a boat. I just wish we had made the move sooner.

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