Developing Leaders Through the Lessons Life Gives Us

Relevance VS Significance

There is more to life than drawing a paycheck, more to achieve than retirement.   When my time is up the words on my tombstone  will not be “He did his job adequately”. I will be significant.

What is Leadership?

A leader can extend his reach beyond his presence, can ensure achievement not through personal effort but through development of other leaders, those who can carry a vision forward without direct supervision. Leaders create other leaders.

Teaching Styles

To learn we have to be engaged. An effective educator can do more than just present information in an organized manner. An effective educator can establish the connection with every student that enables their engagement, their commitment to learning.

Working with Other Cultures

I learned Spanish at about the same time as English, raised in other cultures as a matter of routine. I have learned to see different cultures as an opportunity to learn new things, to see life through a prism different from my own. There is always something to learn from the world around us and exposure to other cultures grants some of the greatest learning opportunities.

" If you get, give. If you learn, teach - Maya Angelou."

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Stray Voltage

Jun 1, 2017

Moon over troubled waters

A couple nights ago we had been working all evening on the boat, stowing stuff away, trying to figure out which breaker had to be in which position so that switches on the walls actually worked, that sort of thing. Fun stuff for new boaters. After dinner I decided to take a shower. In the middle of getting into the shower I decided to check something in the engine room first. Translation: I went stark naked from one end of the boat to the other, hoping that no neighbors...

May 23, 2017

The good ship Liberty – Pt 1

Buying a boat is somewhere between the nuisance of buying a car and the irredeemable pain in the ass of buying a house. And that’s just the paperwork. We closed on the good ship Liberty on 10 June. It is a 44 foot DeFever trawler, slow as Christmas to an eight year old but reliable and sturdily built.  Most importantly, it has lots of storage, and my beautiful bride the beauty queen needs every bit of it. The inspection of the boat went well, no real issues, and we...

May 20, 2017

Memorial Day

It was the week before Memorial Day in 2013 when I was asked to write a Command Message commemorating that weekend. It was written with an audience of uniformed service members in mind. The below is the result. As our Army emerges from a decade of war we are rightly focused on the future and the myriad challenges that it will bring.  The unstoppable march of time brings change, but despite that change one thing remains constant – the courage and dedication of our Soldiers.  For over 200 years...


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