Developing Leaders Through the Lessons Life Gives Us

Relevance VS Significance

There is more to life than drawing a paycheck, more to achieve than retirement.   When my time is up the words on my tombstone  will not be “He did his job adequately”. I will be significant.

What is Leadership?

A leader can extend his reach beyond his presence, can ensure achievement not through personal effort but through development of other leaders, those who can carry a vision forward without direct supervision. Leaders create other leaders.

Teaching Styles

To learn we have to be engaged. An effective educator can do more than just present information in an organized manner. An effective educator can establish the connection with every student that enables their engagement, their commitment to learning.

Working with Other Cultures

I learned Spanish at about the same time as English, raised in other cultures as a matter of routine. I have learned to see different cultures as an opportunity to learn new things, to see life through a prism different from my own. There is always something to learn from the world around us and exposure to other cultures grants some of the greatest learning opportunities.

" If you get, give. If you learn, teach - Maya Angelou."

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Stray Voltage

Apr 19, 2017


After my last post I got a message about my use of the word “Bubbas” to refer to my fellow Veterans. Someone thought it was kind of funny, and I guess maybe it is. There is a story behind it. Let me tell you what happened. In 2003 I was assigned as a full time Soldier working at a Reserve Center. At that time the ground war in Iraq had just ended and Mother Army needed augmentees to fill all the random jobs that inevitably cannot be anticipated. One...

Apr 11, 2017

Seduced by dollars – finding my way

Today we put in an offer on a boat. We’ll see if they accept. As soon as we take ownership I’ll put some pictures up. The boat, though, is not really what this is about. Recently I wrote What happens when dreams are realized, thinking on paper about setting goals too low and the idea that sometimes, you just have to jump and trust that a net will appear. That phrase is significant. Let me explain. When I retired from the Army in 2014 I found my dream job...

Apr 5, 2017

Networks and bad decisions

Let me tell you a story. It’s not long. It is a story about a Veteran, about bad decisions, about hope, and about coming together. Last Friday an email went out to a group of folks who try to find ways to help out our Veterans. The Veteran Services Coordinator at a local college – name withheld to protect the identities of those involved – had a student come in to his office and ask for assistance. I’ll just say that this schools is lucky to have someone so...


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