Developing Leaders Through the Lessons Life Gives Us

Relevance VS Significance

There is more to life than drawing a paycheck, more to achieve than retirement.   When my time is up the words on my tombstone  will not be “He did his job adequately”. I will be significant.

What is Leadership?

A leader can extend his reach beyond his presence, can ensure achievement not through personal effort but through development of other leaders, those who can carry a vision forward without direct supervision. Leaders create other leaders.

Teaching Styles

To learn we have to be engaged. An effective educator can do more than just present information in an organized manner. An effective educator can establish the connection with every student that enables their engagement, their commitment to learning.

Working with Other Cultures

I learned Spanish at about the same time as English, raised in other cultures as a matter of routine. I have learned to see different cultures as an opportunity to learn new things, to see life through a prism different from my own. There is always something to learn from the world around us and exposure to other cultures grants some of the greatest learning opportunities.

" If you get, give. If you learn, teach - Maya Angelou."

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Stray Voltage

Dec 9, 2015

Live and Learn

We live and we learn, right? A while back I wrote about what I had learned after just a few months out of the Army.  Now I’ve been retired from military life for 14 months and, after three jobs, back on the job search train. It has been a fun year, I’ve learned a lot, and I remain grateful for each opportunity that has come my way. Along the way there have been some egregious mistakes, some surprising successes, and a lot of good lessons that will serve me...

Dec 15, 2014

Things I’ve learned while becoming a civilian

Four months ago I took off an Army uniform and put on a suit and tie. There was a two week lag between retiring and starting my next career, but now I’ve been officially a civilian for going on four months and there are some things I’ve learned along the way. You may be reading this as a Veteran transitioning out of the service; it will help you set expectations. You may be reading this as a hiring agent considering Veteran candidates; it will help you understand their culture....

Nov 26, 2014

Thanksgiving, 1970something

First, I should say that this is what I remember.  I recognize that time has a significant impact on reality. Memories somehow seem to embellish themselves, and no one who was there can agree on what really happened. That doesn’t really matter because this is what I remember, and I’m the one writing. So there.  Having said that, one holiday stands out in my memory, and the story of that Thanksgiving is what follows. In 1976 we moved to Bolivia, and by early 1977 were in Paraguay.  We had...


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